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Grasshopper Investments

Grasshopper Investments is a German company designing private financing concepts and innovative business models in the water sector.

Grasshopper Investments develops investment models to enable the funding of sustainable water projects through private investors.

Grasshopper Investments focus are emerging markets, where lack of financing is a major obstacle to realize water projects, particularly in Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Grasshopper Initiative: German Efficiency and Know How in Water for Indian Water Utilities

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After Airbus also Boeing decided on using REDO for water disinfection

INWASOL starts pilot project for containerized mobile RO plants

Placement of new invest for drinking water projects

Grasshopper Investments develops new concept for sustainable water branding

Grasshopper Investments and INWASOL take part in IFAT India in Mumbai

New charity project of Clean Water e.V. in India in cooperation with United for Hope e.V.